The Grand Hyatt Singapore

The Grand Hyatt Singapore

The Grand Hyatt Singapore

The Grand Hyatt Singapore will treat you like a VIP from the moment you arrive, to the moment that you leave. Upon stepping out of the taxi, a staff member with a tablet in hand will come to greet you and ask for your name to begin the check-in process.  At the same time, another staff member will come to take your luggage to later have it delivered to your room.  If you reserved a club room, the staff will personally escort you to the club floor to a special club check-in room.  The club room also includes daily continental breakfast and cocktail hour in the evening.  The staff really made sure the check-in process ran as quickly and smoothly as possible. There's always a door man at the front of the hotel that opens the door and greets you as you enter or exit.  The staff here will make you feel like home by calling you by your name and being very attentive to servicing you in every aspect of your stay.  The Grand Hyatt Singapore feels like a home away from home.  

 Grand Club deluxe Room

Room Size

The Grand Club Deluxe Room on the 21st floor had an incredible amount of space. It is actually a junior suite with a separate living room.  Never once did it feel crowded in the room even with guests over. The living room fits a L-couch, a working desk, coffee table, fridge and counter space, a view of the city, and a TV with plenty of more room.

The bedroom included two twin beds, a dresser, a closet, and a TV, a beautiful view of the city, and again with plenty of room to move around. A major drawback, though, is the lack of a complimentary phone to use during the stay as other similar hotels in Singapore offer a free Handy phone.  Another drawback is that the room felt a bit dated.  However, these are small concerns as the room was still luxurious, spacious, and well-maintained.  

Everything that you come to expect of a luxury hotel to have, the Grand Hyatt Singapore will have and in some cases, will exceed those expectations.  In particular, the Grand Hyatt offered a great variety of bathroom amenities that included Q-tips and a relatively big quality brand toothpaste.  Another pleasant surprise is that when you use their laundry service, they will not only fold your clothes, but deliver them in a nice clothing box, so you do not need to re-pack them or worry about them getting wrinkled.  It's in the details that the Grand Hyatt Singapore excels at.


The bathroom was huge. It featured a bathtub, a separate toilet with its own door, a rainfall shower, and a scale.  


In the room, there was two windows facing the famous Orchard Rd. street. The view was beautiful as you can see the busy streets from down below.

club room perks

The club lounge is located on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt on the 20th floor.  To access the club lounge, you have to insert your hotel card key in the elevator and push the 20th floor (highest floor the elevator goes to).  Upon exiting on the 20th floor, there is a wooden staircase right before the club check-in/check-out room tucked away on the right side.  Going up the wooden staircase will lead you to the 21st floor where the club lounge and the club rooms are located.  A staff member is usually there at a podium to greet you and take your room number when entering the club lounge.  

Staying at a club room allows you to use the club lounge, which throughout the day provides free snacks and beverages.  Every morning, the club lounge serves breakfast and on evenings, the lounge offers free dinner and free flowing alcohol.  This is a fantastic value, especially given that drinks are really expensive in Singapore.  The club lounge is big and there is usually a seat available.  The lounge is divided into two sections - one that has the standard chair and tables and the other that has more a lounge type room with lower cushioned seats and booths for large groups.  

Wherever you decide to sit, the club lounge staff will definitely make you feel like you're the most important person in the lounge.  The staff there are very attentive, friendly, personable, and genuinely cares that you have a great time.  The staff even remembers your name for future visits.  Every time I ate at the lounge, the staff recognized and greeted me by my name and even recommended certain food items that they had at the lounge at the time.  The selection of food changes by the day, so you don't have to worry about getting bored of eating the same thing.  You are allowed to bring guests, but additional fees will be added.  

During the afternoon, the lounge offers free snacks, such as chips, and beverages.  There is no afternoon tea service, which would have been great to enjoy.  However, this is a small issue, given the amazing service and food selection for breakfast and dinner.  When staying at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, I would definitely stay at a club room again and I highly recommend that if you can afford it to book a club room, it's worth the extra cost.

Grand Hyatt Perks

Free Wi-Fi

The Grand Hyatt offers complimentary Wi-Fi with your stay even if you're not a Hyatt member.  A nice perk if you're not a member.

Access to Hotel's Car

Every guest at the Grand Hyatt may request to use the Grand Hyatt's house car to get anywhere in Singapore, but it is based on availability and may incur additional fees.


Mezza9 - Asian and Western Cuisine
StraitsKitchen - Singaporean Cuisine
10 Scotts - Afternoon Tea and Cocktails
Oasis - BBQ Dinner Buffet with Free Flow Cocktails
Pete's Place - Italian Food

Other Hotel Perks

Currency Exchange
24 Hour Fitness Center
Tennis Courts
Laundry/Dry Cleaning



MRT ~ $2 SGD

Take East West Line from Changi Airport to Tanah Merah (2 Stops)
Transfer from Tanah Merah to East West Line towards City Hall (9 Stops)
Transfer from City Hall to North South Line to Orchard (3 Stops)
Walk about 5 minutes to The Grand Hyatt Singapore
Takes around 1 hour and 7 minutes.


TAXI - follow signs to the taxi stands

Takes around 28 minutes
Costs around $27.87 SGD


UBER - connect to airport Wi-Fi to hail (need to obtain a free Wi-Fi code from the help desk)

Takes around 28 minutes depending on traffic.
UberX costs around $20-26 SGD
Uber Pool costs around $21-22 SGD



Orchard Road (Shopping - Orchard Road is known for its shops)
Art Exhibit at K+ Curatorial Space (at the time of this review, there was a Game of Thrones pencil exhibit)


Newton Hawker Centre


Orchard Station



Address: 10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211

Phone: +65 6738 1234

Written by George & Eric Bravo