London Travel Guide

London Travel Guide

London is a great mix of traditional and modern of a city offering the changing of the Queen's guards in Buckingham Palace and incredible views from the newly built Shard building. London is a foodie town, great for photographers and a great visit for your Europe trip.

In this London Travel Guide, I'm going to be covering the Best Time to Visit LondonWhere To StayTransportationFood & Drink, & Photography Spots In London.

Best Time To Visit London

Best Overall

Visit anytime from late February - May. There are less crowds than normal, the weather is mild and the flights and hotel rooms aren't surging.

Best Weather

London offers the best weather during the Spring with mild temperatures and lush greens.


Fall and Winter are the cheapest times to visit, with the exception of holiday season in December. Also know that the weather is much colder during this time.

Where to Stay

The Shard London

The Shard London


Public Transportation

AKA, the Tube, is a easy, fast, and convenient way to get around London. You can buy a single pass, all day pass, or an Oyster card giving you access to the Tube, buses, light rails and overground trains.  


Every taxi driver knows quickest route to get anywhere in London. They had to take a rigorous map test to get their license, most failing the 1st time. 

Some taxi drivers don't take credit cards, so make sure to ask before you enter. Also, don't take a taxi from the airport! They don't have a set fair price so it could end up costing a lot. Instead use the Tube or Heathrow Express/Connect. 


There are many drivers here so you won't have to worry about finding a ride. 

Food & Drink

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Things To Do And See

Best Photography Spots In London