Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam is known to many for its loose regulations on marijuana, and their infamous Red Light District, but Amsterdam is much more than these sinful indulgences! Amsterdam is home to the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, and the Van Gogh Museum! It is filled with beautiful canals, stunning architecture and is a bike friendly town!

My girlfriend and I traveled to Amsterdam mid-November for 2 nights and 3 days. This was our first stop in our European trip. Our stay was an ample amount of time for us to do all the touristy things and adjust from jet lag.

This Amsterdam Travel Guide will cover the Best Time To Visit Amsterdam, Where To Stay, Food & Drink, Things To Do & See, and where you can find the Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam.

Best time to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam During Winter by Eric Bravo Photography


  • April - May
  • September - November

These months aren't peak season so flights and hotels are cheaper and the weather is mild (still bring a jacket though).


  • December - March

Very cold weather during the winter months, accompanied with short and dark days with temperature ranging between 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • June - August

These summer months provide long, sunny days with the temperature in the low 70s Fahrenheit.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam


Amsterdam Tram

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to Train Station

The train station is conveniently linked to the Schiphol Amsterdam airport. Trains run every 10 minutes into the city center and areas around. There are ticket machines to purchase tickets and also a ticket counter to speak with someone if you have any questions.

Public Transportation

Amsterdam's trams and metro is really convenient and not too expensive. They have conductors in the front and back of the train that will help you out with where you need to go.

Food, Drink & coffee shops

Restaurants in Amsterdam


Things to do in Amsterdam

Red Light District at Night by Eric Bravo Photography

Anne Frank House

  • Long line to purchase tickets (around 30 min waiting outside)
  • Buy your tickets online if you can
  • Inside can become crowded easily

Bull Dog Cafe

The Bull Dog Coffee Shop - Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam's biggest chain Coffee Shop
  • Basically a Red Robbin where you can smoke

Biking in Amsterdam

Red Light District

  • Pretty touristy area
  • Don't go too early, most of the girls won't be standing in their windows yet
  • Right next to a Bull Dog Cafe

Amsterdam Sign (Museumplein):

  • Has its waves of crowds
  • If it's too busy head over to the Van Gogh Museum (across the park) and come back later to get a picture

Van Gogh Museum

  • 3 floors of Van Gogh's work and history
  • Can do it in 1.5 hours

Heineken Experience

  • Learn the history
  • Free Beer given 

Tulip Festive 

  • Happens during Spring (April - May)
  • Beautiful to see


  • Rent and ride if it's not raining!
  • Beer biking
  • Unfortunately, it rained during our time there, so we decided to save for another time

Photography Spots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam CS by Eric Bravo Photography

Amsterdam is a very picturesque city and I have trouble pinpointing specific places to take photos. I recommend taking a tram and exiting wherever catches your eye. Here are a few places to start out at:

  • Amsterdam's Centraal Station - great architecture building
  • Canals - there're all over town
  • Amsterdam Sign & it's surrounding areas
  • Red Light District - go at night
  • Residential buildings and streets