Hong Kong Airport To City

Getting From Hong Kong Airport To City

Hong Kong Airport Express

Hong Kong's transportation is easy to understand and getting to and from the airport is no exception. The cheapest, fastest, and most convenient way of getting from Hong Kong Airport to the city would be the Airport Express.

You can purchase a ticket at the arrivals stall in the Hong Kong Airport or at the Hong Kong or Kowloon station prior to exiting. It takes about 24 minutes and cost HK$100. The Airport Express trains run in 10-12 minute intervals. 

If you are staying in Hong Kong for 3 days, I'd recommend purchasing the 3-Day Airport Express Octopus Card. It only cost HK$220 for 1 way or HK$300 round trip and gets you from the airport into town and back while also giving you 3 days of unlimited travel on the MTR.

You can purchase this at the airport or online through the MTR website

3-Day Airport Express MTR Pass

Alternative Ways Of Getting Into The City

Hong Kong Airport to City

Here are some alternative ways of getting from Hong Kong Airport into the city:

Taxi - Readily available, but expensive compared to MTR. 

Bus - Cheap and gets you where MTR can't, but slow. 

Uber - No cash needed. Use the airport Wi-Fi to request one.