Uber In Hong Kong

Uber In Hong Kong

Uber is available in Hong kong and is widely used. Although Uber pool is not an option, there is Uber X, Uber Select, and Uber Black with an option to get picked up in a Tesla! In my experience, most cars used by Uber drivers, whether it's an Uber X or an Uber Black, are relatively cheap, very spacious and clean.

In this blog post, I'm going to be explaining how to use Uber in Hong Kong, things to know when using the app and I will provide a list of pros and cons of whether to use Uber or a taxi. 

How To Use Uber In Hong Kong

If you are familiar with Uber and have used it in your hometown, you will have no trouble launching the app while in Hong Kong. The interface is the same and everything is still in English. The only hard part is figuring out how to get data on your phone to access Uber overseas. 

Uber in Hong Kong

How to Access Uber Overseas

There are three different options to access Uber in Hong Kong:


Purchase a SIM Card from a convenient store like 7-11 or Circle K (PCCW is a good SIM card)


Prior to traveling, contact your service provider to get an international data roaming plan


Stay at a hotel that provides a wireless phone with unlimited data roaming and Wi-Fi hotspot

Things To Know When Taking Uber In Hong Kong

Uber in Hong Kong

don't get charged a foreign Transaction fee

Be mindful as to which credit card you have stored as a method of payment in your Uber account.

Some credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee ranging up to 3% or more depending on your bank. 

You'll want to change your stored credit card to one that doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee like a Chase Sapphire Card or United Explorer Card. 

Limited Uber X

Sometimes you won't find an Uber X in the area of pick-up, so you'll need to request an Uber black.

Tesla Option

A unique feature when using Uber in Hong Kong is that you can request a Tesla. Yes, that is right, you can ride in the all-electric, all powerful Tesla. 

Hail a Taxi

You can also use Uber to hail a taxi. 

Uber Fair Estimator

Use Uber Fair Estimator to see how much it'll cost to get where you're going. It is also a great tool to compare with the Hong Kong Taxi Fare Estimator.

Uber Vs Taxi

As Uber is growing a strong presence in Hong Kong, it has been tougher and tougher to decide whether to ride in an Uber or grab a taxi. Each has their benefits and weakness which I outlined below.

Uber in Hong Kong

Uber vs Taxi

Pro Uber

  1. Most drivers speak English and can give local recommendations
  2. No need to tell your destination (just enter it in the app)
  3. No cash required
  4. No extra fees for luggage (taxi's charge HK$5)
  5. Cars are more spacious and nicer

Con Uber

  1. Uber drivers can be scarce taking up to 15 minutes to get to you
  2. There's a limited amount of Uber X cars forcing you to take Uber Black


  1. Taxis are omnipresent
  2. Taxis are cheaper than Uber Black


  1. Language barrier can cause a lot of confusion
  2. Taxis charge for each luggage that you have
  3. Different color Taxis can be confusing and can encure extra fees depending on your destination
  4. Taxis change drivers at 4:00 PM and aren't as available

will you use Uber in Hong Kong?

Are you visiting Hong Kong anytime soon? Will you be using Uber or sticking with Taxis? Let me know in the comment section below!