Transportation in Hong Kong

Transportation in Hong Kong -OCTOPUS CARD, MTR, & UBER

Transportation in Hong Kong is nothing to be afraid of. Their subway system is one of the best. Uber and taxis are readily available and their versatile stored-value Octopus Card can be used almost everywhere.

Also, getting from Hong Kong's Airport to the City is a breeze. Below you can find a simple, easy guide to help you get around in Hong Kong.


An Octopus Card is a must get when visiting Hong Kong as it is used pretty much by everyone who lives and visits Hong Kong. This multipurpose stored-value card can be used for most public transportation including the MTR, buses, ferries, some taxis, as well as convenient stores and fast food restaurants like 7-11 and McDonalds. 

Recharging this card is easy and can be done at a convenient store or at an MTR station. If you’re going to be in Hong Kong for 3 days, I strongly recommend purchasing a 3-Day Airport Express Octopus Card.

MTR In Hong Kong

MTR in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s subway system is the MTR. It is by far one of the best modes of transportation in Hong Kong as it is clean, prompt, and covers pretty much everywhere you’d need to go. 

The MTR map is easy to read and navigate and has English translations. 

Being that these MTR stations are so vast, exiting at a random exit can put you blocks away of where you intended on going. You should always check the exit signs and maps to see which exit corresponds to where you want to go.

Uber In Hong Kong

Uber in Hong Kong

There are three different options to access Uber in Hong Kong:

Option 1

Purchase a SIM Card from a convenient store like 7-11 or Circle K (PCCW is a good SIM card)

Option 2

Prior to traveling, contact your service provider to get an international data roaming plan

Option 3

Stay at a hotel that provides a wireless phone with unlimited data roaming and Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can also use Uber to also hail a taxi.

Uber's Fair Estimator:

Alternative Modes Of Transportation In Hong Kong

Taxis in Hong Kong


Taxis are a great way of getting around the city as they are clean, omnipresent, & relatively cheap. Taxi drivers are great drivers driving safely and swiftly. They are color coordinated serving specific regions of Hong Kong. This is only an issue when at the airport. Use a red taxi if you’re unsure, but don’t be surprised if they charge you a return toll.

  1. Red - General 

  2. Blue - Serves Lantau Island and Airport

  3. Green - Serves New Territory


If you're looking for a scenic, very cheap mode of transportation in Hong Kong, try boarding a Star Ferry. The ferry routes connects Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and the New Territories and crossing the harbor takes 11 minutes. 

Busses in Hong Kong


Although slow, busses are cheap and reliable and takes you wherever the MTR doesn't. They accept both cash and the Octopus card. 

There are double-decker busses as well as minibuses that carries 16 people. There are two types of minibuses where passengers can hop on and off anywhere along their respected route.

  1. Green Top Minibus
    • Specific routes at a fixed price
  2. Red Top Minibus
    • Flexible route with a variable price

If you decide to take these minibuses, it helps to speak Cantonese and if paying with cash, exact change is strongly recommended. 

LRT in Hong Kong

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

The Light Rail, aka the "Ding Ding," in Hong Kong is limited serving the New Territories West. They operate with fair zones and accepts cash and Octopus Card.