Paris Travel Guide

Paris Travel Guide

Paris Travel Guide

"Paris is always a good idea" - Audrey Hepburn

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When To Visit Paris

Best Time Overall

Fall or Spring is the best time to visit Paris as it is less crowded, not too hot and accommodations are a bit cheaper.

Cheapest Time

Winter is the cheapest time to visit Paris, but you'll have to brave the cold!

Best Weather

During the June - August months, Paris is perfect for a picnic under the warm sun.


Paris' currency

Accepts chip-enabled credit cards

Do you tip in Paris?

You can, but since the tip is already included in the price it is not necessary

Where to Stay


La Reserve Paris - Hotel and Spa - Once a mansion, now a small luxurious hotel, La Reserve Paris is the definition of Paris luxury. 
Maison Souquet - Elegance at its finest, Maison Souquet's art deco theme is sure to impress. Not to mention you'll get a private hour by the pool with your stay.


Ampere Hotel - In a great location with tons of restaurants and a metro station nearby. It is also walkable to Arc de Triomphe & Champs-Élysées.
Hotel 34B - Astotel - Located in a very lively district to go out, Hotel 34B offers a cozy & quaint stay with free snacks and drinks.


Hotel de la Mare - An inexpensive way to visit Paris with a helpful staff. Hotel de la Mare is also close to restaurants and a metro station. 
Hotel de L'Union - Although there is no elevator, Hotel de L'Union is a great hotel close to a metro station.

Hotel Ampere's Metro Station - Pereire Station - Eric Bravo Photography



Charles De Gaulle

This is the major airport in Paris. In order to get into the city, you can take the RER train. It'll cost 10 euros and will take around 35 minutes from terminal 3. You can also take RER B express service for a faster ride. 


This airport is used for traveling in Europe mostly. To get into the city from Orly, take the Orly Bus costing 7.50 euros. It will take around 30 minutes.

Train Station

The Paris Nord Train Station (Gare du Nord) 

This is the main train station if you are arriving or departing from Paris to another European country such as, Belgium, Netherlands, Northern Germany, & the UK. Trains that use this station are Eurostar, TGV, & Thalys. 

Getting around


The metro is probably the easier way to get around in Paris. However, the ticketing is a bit outdated forcing you to use paper tickets instead of a pre-paid card. There are plenty of train maps that can be a bit confusing at times, so it is best to plan ahead or ask a worker for assistance.

You should also know that the doors don't open automatically. And be careful with pickpocketers. I'd recommend keeping your personal belongs in front of you at all times. They are quick and sneaky. 


Uber is also availably in Paris. This might be a better, slightly more expensive alternative to the metro. You don't have to worry about getting lost and you can see Paris from above.

Taxi - Le Cab

 Taxis are also available. You have to pay€2.10 for a service charge and the rate depending on the time of day and what zone you are in. If the taxi's roof lit orange, it is busy and if it is white, it is free. 

Food & Drink

Honestly, there's a ton of great food in Paris, so it best to just walk around and stumble into a random cafe. Those make for the best food and memories. However, I've complied a list below to get you started.

Hotel Ampere's Neighborhood Restaurant by Eric Bravo Photography


Staple Parisian food:

  • Baguette

  • Steak-frites

  • Croissant

  • Macarons

  • crêpes

  • Croque-monsieur

  • Duck confit



Baguett’s Café - A great breakfast spot that serves damn good sandwiches...and...salads...and coffees. 
Le Grenier à Pain - Best bakery for french bread! 
Paris Churros - Eric Bravo Photography - Let's Go Bravo
Paris Churros - Eric Bravo Photography - Let's Go Bravo
Erick Kayser - Honestly, the best chocolate croissant.
Eggs & Co - A french take on Western breakfast. They did a good job!

Lunch || Dinner

Le Potager du Père Thierry - A small restaurant that packs a yummy punch.
Epicure - A dining experience to remember. Presentation, taste, & staff makes it well worth the money.
La Coïncidence - A hip & trendy family owned restaurant.
Les Cocottes - A Michelin resturant worth the star. 
La Crêperie de Josselin - Crepes & cider in Paris, yes please!


Berthillon - Delicious Ice Cream with natural ingredient.
Angelina - Near the Louvre, Angeline is famously know for their delicious chocolate. 
Paris Pastries - Eric Bravo Photography - Let's Go Bravo
Pierre Hermé - Get the true Macarons experience here. 
Ladurée - Not only known for their exceptional desserts, but also for their exceptional food preparation,ambience & service.



Little Red Door - A truly unique speak-easy where you get a drink by picking a drawing on the wall. (They hired 11 artist to create a drawing based on how the cocktail made them feel)
Paris Desserts - Eric Bravo Photography - Let's Go Bravo
Le Bar du Plaza Athénée - Unique interior, great cocktails, very high prices.
Dirty Dick - An amazing Tiki bar in Paris.
Le Comptoir Général - A cool place to go out dancing. 
Experimental Cocktail Club - An intimate bar for a low-key fun night.

Going Out (partying)

Oberkampf - A trendy partying district. Can get overly crowded, but worth the night.
Opera / Bourse - I stayed at Hotel 34B (in this district) and I was pleasantly surprised at how lively this area was. There's a ton of very low-key bars, some playing live music. It felt very Parisian and I'd recommend visiting the area if you don't want to get too crazy. 

Things to Do And See

At the Eiffel Tower - Eric Bravo Photography

Eiffel at Night - Eric Bravo Photography

Big Bus Tour

Hop on and hop off to see all of Paris in an easy and convenient way possible. No need to worry about taking public transportation.

Eiffel Tower:

I would recommend purchasing tickets beforehand online. We waited in line for about 45 mins; the line includes purchasing your ticket, going through security, and waiting for the elevator to take you up to the 2nd floor. If you were unable to purchase online, and don't feel like waiting in a long line, there is an option of walking up the tower. The line is significantly shorter.

2nd Floor vs Top Floor: As a photographer, definitely spend the extra cash to go up. There's an even greater view of the beautiful city, and they also serve champagne there.

Don't forget to stay after dark too! There is a light show that is not to be missed!

Observatoire Panoramique de la Tour Montparnasse

It is a well kept secret, especially for photographers. This overlooks the Paris cityscape with a direct look of the Eiffel Tower. I'd recommend coming here for sunset then staying for the Eiffel Tower light show!

Eiffel Tower during Day - Eric Bravo Photography

Musee du Louvre:

We lucked out and skipped the line because a friendly stranger offered us their used tickets. Be a Good Samaritan and find someone in line and pay it forward. Otherwise we'd recommend getting these tickets online too. HUGE museum. If you have 1-2 days in Paris to spare, you could easily spend it in the Louvre alone. 

There are signs everywhere but beware of pick pockets, especially around the Mona Lisa which draws a big crowd of people trying to take a picture with this old ass bitch. Swing your backpack to the front and be mindful of your surroundings as it can get kind of hectic in there. Same goes for the Paris metro at rush hours.

Champs élysées

Christmas-time, very festive, lots of vendors; just like Christmas in the Park if you're from the Bay.

Arc de Triomphe

Close by to the champs, you can go on top; don't be a crazy person trying to run across this fast roundabout; just use the underground path


A perfect place to have a nice stroll. You can ride the ferris wheel or enjoy a ride on the merry-go-round.

Paris Disneyland

Who doesn't like Disneyland?! Paris Disneyland features two parks, the first comparable to the original Disneyland park with different attractions like Ratatouille: The Adventure. The other is Walt Disney Studios Park, an MGM type park similar to the one in Walt Disney World. Oh, and they have Space Mountain Mission 2!

Arc De Triophe - Eric Bravo Photography

Notre-Dame de Paris

Come marvel at this historic cathedral. The architecture is spectacular and the surrounding river and garden makes it even more.

Musée d'Orsay

A truly amazing art museum that features a ton of Paris history. There's also a famous big see-through clock here.

Moulin Rouge Show

The famous cabaret in Paris. Tickets can range from $104 - $250 depending if you want dinner, just the show, or the VIP treatment. 

Musee Rodin:

Cheap, beautiful gardens but don't spend too much time here laughing at the single ladies statue.

Versailles Day Trip

Take a trip to see the gigantic Palace of Versailles.

Love Lock Bridge:

You can bring  your own or if you happen to forget or suddenly fell in love with a lovely French native, they sell locks here and provide markets for you to write whatever message you please. Mind you, this isn't an official kiosk, just peddlers.

(UPDATE): They cleared it out, but I'm sure you can still leave one with your lover :) Just know it will probably get removed.

Best Photography Spots In Paris

Eiffel Tower - Why wouldn't you take a shot at this iconic landmark. There's a ton of places to shot the Eiffel Tower, but I'd start with just visiting it first. Around there, you'll walk around and find great spots. This is also a great opportunity for a long exposure with the carousel. Don't miss the light show at night as well!

Observatoire Panoramique de la Tour Montparnasse

A perfect location for a sunset cityscape shot of Paris. This one was high on my list and I'm glad I went! Word of caution, my Mefoto Travel Tripod was a bit short to reach of the glass. Made it difficult to get a clean, clear shot and have to place my camera on the glass top. Had to be patient and quick to get my shot in-between people banging on the glass.

Arc de Triomphe

Another iconic Parisian landmark. I like the get a night shot of this, but you MUST be careful! This is a very busy area packed with cars going through a roundabout. The drivers are focused on merging and their exits and aren't looking for pedestrians. Try to get a good shot, but don't risk your life for it!

Musee du Louvre

I like coming here because you can get really creative with the glass structure. Personally, I like coming at night time to get it lit up.

Statue of Liberty

Yes, Paris has a Statue of Liberty too! It is kind of small and hard to find, but it's cool to see. Japan has one as well, and all 3 are facing each other!

Travel Insurance

Insurance is always an tricky situation. Do you really need it? What if something bad does happen? Travel insurance is no different. No one can predict anything so it really depends on your gut feeling for the trip. It never hurts to feel safe, but it also doesn't hurt to save some extra money when everything goes as planned.

Traveling Necessities

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