Pine State Biscuits Blog Review - Portland

Pine State Biscuits Blog Review - Portland

If you're in Portland and a freshly warm bisque topped with your favorite meat or spread makes your mouth water, Pine State Biscuits is the place to go! 

As a featured Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives restaurant, Pine State definitely lives up to the hype. Their portions are huge, prices are fair, and food is fucking delicious! It's the best southern comfort food you can get in the northwest. 

Pine State Biscuits - The Reggie Deluxe


Pine State Biscuits has four locations in Portland. I went to the one on Alberta Street. 

Waiting in Line

When I arrived at 11:00 AM, the line was around the corner in front of Great Notion Brewing (when we left around 12:40 PM, the line wasn't as bad). It took 40 minutes to get to the door and an additional 5 minutes to place the order.

Pine State Bisque Line

Ordering Your Food

You order your food at the counter first, then find a place to sit. Even though the line was long, there were plenty of seats available after ordering your food. 


With a hip-diner feel, Pine State on Alberta has an indoor section and an outdoor section. They also have a bar counter seating about 12. The Alberta St. location only has one shared restroom.


They don't provide much of a service. It's more of a pay at the counter and we'll bring out your food type ordeal. The staff was okay, not the friendliness, but this didn't really bother me since the food was fucking delicious!

What To ordered

The Reggae Extra (extra comes with egg)
Bisque with buttermilk fried chicken
Side of Hash Browns
Organic Apple Cider (comes from a jug)
Cinnamon Bun

The portions are huge, but not as heavy as it sounds. It didn't leave us in a 911 emergency food coma (surprisingly), but it was still filling leaving us a bit sleepy. It's always better to order a bit more and take the leftovers to-go then having to wait in line again.


Pine State Biscuits - Cinnamon Bun

Pine State Biscuits - Chicken Biscuit

Pine State Biscuits - Hash Browns

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